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Awards and Honors

Nominated for an Emmy Award in Musical Direction (1990)

Nominated three times for CNN Hero (2007, 2009, 2010)

First Staff Songwriter signed in Columbia Pictures’ history (1983)

American Heritage Center Archives Dr. Curiale's papers, letters, and music (since 2006)

University of Minnesota’s Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship (2014)

University of Minnesota School of Music Travel Grant (2013, 2015)

Vreeland Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Arts, Univ. of Nebraska (2009)

Othmer Fellowship for Outstanding Scholarship, Univ. of Nebraska (2009)

MacDowell Colony Artist Fellowship (2002)

Ucross Foundation Artist Fellowship (2002)

Kimmel Harding Nelson Artist Fellowship (2006)

American Composer’s Forum Continental Harmony winner (2003 and 2005)

The Lincoln Journal Star Newspaper – two-page feature story (2009)

KUSC Magazine article (1997)

FANFARE Magazine review (2001)

Wet Paint Magazine article (1997)

Governor appointed Admiral in the Nebraska Navy (2007)

New Delhi TV Documentary Sowing Hope (2006)

TV Documentary Angels in the Field on Joseph’s humanitarian work in India (2006)

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